Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guest Post: Art Equals Happy

Hi there! It's Kim Smith from www.ArtEqualsHappy.typepad.com and I've got some fun vintage magazines to share with you today!

For a while during 'high school' (in England) I was the 'photography assistant' which basically meant I was in charge of all the photography equipment, which included the dark room. I got to roll film into containers, clean all the processing spools, take inventory and every morning I would go and change the chemicals. I loved being the first one in the mornings. I've always had a fondness for the 'old school' processes relating to darkrooms- and when we got donations of equipment or books from people that had passed away or decided they didn't want their amateur darkroom anymore, I got to sort through all the old bits and bobs. There were old light meters and funny things I'd never seen before- mostly caked with dust! But my favourite part was that I got to keep all the old magazines/books because they were 'too old to be helpful'!!! HA! So- here is a little peek into a couple of the books:

I hope you've enjoyed this fun peek into an older time. [: I run a photography and illustration blog where I share all sorts of stuff- you should come say hi!

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