Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Post: What I Want Wednesday

So I am starting a new post called What I Want Wednesday. Basically it is what it is called: On Wednesday I show you something I want. I have kind of been lacking in the post area of my blog, so I figured there are lots of things I want so this should be easy !
This Wednesday I really want a pair of Toms shoes ! I just can't choose which ones I want. 
When you buy a pair of Toms shoes  they will send a pair to a child who actually needs a pair (not someone like me who just wants a pair)
So for the price of one, you actually get two! Good deal.

I want to get a white pair! Why white you ask? Cause you can style them yourself !


The plan is - my Bff and I will get white pairs and then style them together ! Such an awesome idea. However, I must wait until I see her again when we go back to school. Until then my feet will frown. 

I miss you terribly Kaila

xo ldc


  1. OO i want a pair of TOMS badly! I love the idea of getting white and styling them yourself!

  2. It'd be fun to decorate some white shoes!!! :D
    Wow that's great that they send a pair to someone who needs them!

  3. They look so comfy! I love em!

  4. I want a pair of white ones as well as some silver glitter ones... can't wait to see what you do with your white toms :)

  5. I want those shoes too! Cute blog & I love your handmade goodies! :)

  6. Love the idea of decorating your own shoes- my friend Erin did it a while ago and they melted in the rain... which kind of made them look alot cooler! No downsides to this plan haha :)

    Becca ♥ x

  7. I got a 2nd pair! Found out they sell them at a shop in downtown Halifax :) I just got black canvas ones. I really like the first ones you posted!

  8. What a great idea to get a white pair and decorate them yourself. Then you're getting exactly what you want!


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