Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I made something !

So.. As you may have noticed I am not very dedicated to my blog lately. Part of that is because I ave been working so much and part of that is because I am addicted to the show Lost [netflix has taken over my life].

Anyways.. I made some things today that I would like to show you. The idea just kind of popped into my head. Let me know what you think! Tell the truth... :)

They are little camera pillows ! They have little pockets on the back to hold your camera card or any other little thing you want.
The hearts are the pockets. I think they are cute. What do you think?
Now I want to screen print them in some new colors to make more! They are fun to make :)
I also made a new owl.
He likes my camera pillows.

I accidentally missed Misfit Monday this week ... sorry about that. I have some cute pics though so I am going to decide if I will just do it later this week or save them for next week. I shall let you know !

xo ldc


  1. that's too adorable! I'm addicted to lost too! I watch it on hulu.com. (don't give anything away though, I'm only on season 2 ep. 6!)

  2. That pillow is PERFECT for me because I'm always misplacing my camera cards! :/
    Great idea love!


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