Thursday, June 3, 2010

DIY : Pants to Purse

This is a super cute and easy way to turn an old pair of jeans into a cute new purse. The best part is it comes with the pockets already made ! First I will show you how to make the purse, then I will show you five tricks to making it look even cuter !
Step 1 : cut off the legs and sew up the holes. I used my serger to sew mine up, but a sewing machine will do the trick ! You can even do it by hand if you make the stitches small and strong.
Step 2 : The handle. 
Take a long strip of fabric [length you want for the strap over your shoulder] Sew the long ends together to make a tube.  Turn it right side out and then fold the rough edges into the tube and iron it down. [Make sure the fabric you want on the outside is on the inside when you are sewing]
Step 3 : Pin on the hangle
Pin it as close to the side seams [where your hip would be in the pants] as possible. Then sew it onto the bag. Make sure you don't sew over the belt loop because you need that for later. 
And that's it ! Those are just basic steps. 
Now I will show you a few tricks to making it even cuter !

Trick 1 : use a pretty colored thread in your sewing machine and put it on the zig-zag stitch. Use some yarn and zig-zag stitch over the yarn. 
 Trick 2 : Write on your bag with permanent markers [SHARPIES !]
Check out [above] picture

Trick 3 : add buttons and felt flowers as embellishments.
I put some on the back and front pockets of my bag. 

Trick 4 : Tear a long piece of fabric for the belt of your purse. Make sure it is long enough to go through all the belt loops with slack at the end. 
You can sew the the belt the same way as you did the handle if you don't want rough edges.

Trick 5 : use safety pins for decoration
You can put beads on them too, to make them even cuter !
Enjoy !
xo ldc

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  1. so cute!!!!!
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