Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is crazy ! Most Random Post Ever !

The largest beaver dam ever found on google maps ! Crazy !!

My mom showed me this and I thought it was super cool ! I feel a like I have a lot in common with this beaver dam.. not because I am overly large but because... 

1. My dad lives in a place called Beaver Dam. 
2. I see them lots when four wheeling. 
3. It was found in a national park.. I work in a national park !
4. My sister was afraid of beavers when she was little. We had to spray beaver spray [air freshener] around her room to keep them away before she went to bed !
5. I saw a beaver once.. but only once. 
6. I use google maps sometimes..

That is all. 

xo ldc


  1. Random is a good thing.
    And that is a BIG beaver dam.

  2. Um wow, really random! But cool!
    Yeah, I'm super random as you can tell...


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