Sunday, May 30, 2010

So whats the deal?

Well, I just got done a six day week of work. HOLY. First of all.. I'm not really used to working full time yet, second of all six days is brutal. I am very glad to have the next two days off though. I am planning on hopefully going to some antique shops downtown. 

Right now I am waiting for my mom to get home ! You will never guess where she went.... 

Can't guess? Thats what I thought... 

She went to NYC to see Glee ! Ahh.. wish I could have gone. I will make due with the tee shirt she is bringing home with her. I will probably be posting some wicked cool pictures they took later this week !

Hold tight. Still trying to think up a plan for my first ever giveaway.. It will be my first one so I really have to do it right.

xo ldc

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