Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Birthday Weekend [so far]

So I haven't been blogging for last couple of days because I have been busy doing birthday things ! That's right, yesterday was my birthday [im 19 wooo] So what have I been up too?


I went to my dads and had a little party with some yummy cake. 

Then we went to the market for the morning and then out to the lake to get it ready for summer ! Ahh.. I love my birthday because I get presents and it means summer is coming !!

I went out for dinner with some friends. Here is a pic of Joshua and I before I went out :

and my outfit :
my lovely scarf is a present from my lovely boyfriend !!

Now I am on a little shopping trip till tomorrow. When I get back I will have some pics of my bday gifts and perhaps what I buy on my trip. Also I have some adorable pics of my little cousin Sarah. She loves to pose for the camera !!

Birthday weekend to be continued ...

xo ldc


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