Monday, April 26, 2010

NEW : Misfit Monday

I have been taking lots of pictures lately and some of them just don't work into my blog posts very well.. I have been trying to figure out how to resolve this problem and I decided to do a blog post each week with some of the photo's I have been taking. I have no real photography skills, just what I have taught myself. My theory is if I take enough pictures one of them has to be awesome... hopefully. This post will also give me a chance to see how my pictures have changed [gotten better... or worse]. 

I decided to do it on Monday because that gives me the whole week and the weekend [in case I forget during the week.. very likely] 

Misfit Monday
[the name is kind of corny.. I might change it. Let me know if you have suggestions]

My lovely toes and dandilions. This picture was
very dangerous because of all of the bumble bees.
Birds on the power lines. Took this one through the
car window. 
Beautiful Orchids
Gold finch birds on the Bird feeder
Pretty yellow flower
Dew drops

This week is very nature-like. 
Hope you like it ! 

[feel free to leave constructive criticism]

xo ldc

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  1. They are all really good; but my favorites are the birds and the dew drops; those are awesome!


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