Wednesday, April 7, 2010

iPod Case DIY

Here it is !

1. You need : two pieces of fabric and some bunting size 14x4, a square piece of velcro, a scrap piece of fabric for the design on the front and a button.

2. Sew the velcro on opposite pieces like shown in the picture. Also sew your scrap fabric to the fabric piece that the velcro is not near the edge. Add your button below the velcro on the same piece.

3. Place the pieces together with the bunting on top and the velcro facing in (the velcro pieces should be facing each other at opposite ends)

4. Sew around the edges leaving a small hole (the hole should be near the middle on either of the long sides) and then turn inside out and iron flat.

5. Fold the bottom up 3/4 of the way and sew up each side making sure you closed the hole. Make sure your velcro pieces match up before you sew up the sides.

6. Fold the top over and iron the flap down. 
Finished !

ps. This is one of my first diy's so let me know if there are any problems !

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