Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just Some Awesome Stuff

There is just so many cool things on the internet these days. It is just so fun to go through and see all these crazy little inventions people have come up with. I am taking a philosophy class about the examined life and we learn about how the media and society affects us. It is weird how things are changing, such as Amazon. When I log onto Amazon they have a list of things I might like because they keep track of what I search. Weird.. I find it convenient, some people find it creepy.


Here is a list of really cool things...


Petal Drops - want to catch some rain water? 


 Ginormous head phones - because everyone knows how much a Sasquatch likes to grove


WTF  - Enough Said


Robo Vacuum -  A daily necessity for sure


Tee Bad Tee Shirts - Pick out two outfits in one day? I vote yes

1 comment:

  1. The WTF snow globe makes me laugh although I'm the person who knows the least amount of texting lingo out there.


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