Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I want to make this...

So I was looking at all of the awesome clothing on Ruche and I was looking in the Indie section when I saw this pic at the top of all of the cute accessories and clothing... 

It looks like she is wearing a ridiculously cute scarf that looks rediculously fun and easy to make... 

So my plan (when I get my serger out and working) is to make one of those scarves ! Winter seems to be almost over here.. but a cute little colorful scarf could be perfect for spring! 

If I end up making one I will make it a tutorial for sure!

I love finding exciting things like this... They also have an awesome eco-friendly section!

Anyways.. check out the clothes on Ruche, because they are super cute.. like for example their new spring dresses (wouldn't they look great with a scarf?)

Ps. Check out their blog here

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