Friday, January 22, 2010


So I have been completely in love with documentaries lately. Not one type in particular, all types really. So here are a few cool ones that I want to see... You can see them all on the documentary iTunes page.

This documentary is all about a man with a passion for tight rope walking. His all time dream is to walk between the twin towers. He realizes this dream before they are even built. So cool... 

This movie is about a couple of 40 year old men who decide to go on a roadtrip to follow their dream of being musicians. They meet lots of musicians in different towns across the USA.
Oh so inspirational.
Plus you can get their song on iTunes for free.. Check it out : Eight steps away by the good listeners

Now that I have switched my major from nutrition to environmental sustainability I am interested in all this stuff. This is actually really cool. Its about a man who decides to have no impact on the earth for a year. Defiantly check out the trailer. This really makes you think...

If you want to know how all of those words out there affect you, watch this. It looks at the influence of "type" in the world. Check out the website, pretty cool.

You'll never look at dinner the same way
Ever wonder if profit comes before human health? Well this movie will enforce that thought. Food, inc looks at where your food is coming from, whats its doing to you, the farmers and the animals.

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  1. If I bring the Hanson documentary back with me after Spring Break, will you watch it with me :) It's called "Strong Enough to Break" and it's about the making of their 3rd album (and the struggle with their label)



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