Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stumbling is Addictive

Warning : do not visit this site unless you have oodles amount of time on your hands 

If you visit the stumble website you will find a
 list of categories in which you can stumble

Here are a few of the things I "stumbled across" 

If you click here you come to a a picture of a stick person 
walking through a door, click the picture and you can play 
with paint splatter... so fun and mess free... click to change the color. 

This is mine... So fun.. and addictive 

If you click here you come to a black page, type in 
your name, favorite color or a multitude of random letters.. 

You will be amazed by what happens.. and addicted.. 

Here is mine... 

You have to be quick though because it disappears.. 

I found all of this fun stuff by stumbling through 
the Art category.. the humor one is also fun. 

Try is out... but beware.. 

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