Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bernardini's Fresh Peanuts

These peanuts are the best. They are made in the back of our family show store, The Boston Shoe Store. They have recently introduced a website so that those who live far away can enjoy them as well.
We use them for mocha cakes, ice cream topping and cookies. They are delicious by themselves or
with beer.

The internationally known "Bernardini's Peanuts" came into existence over 100 years ago when Luigi Bernardini emigrated from Lucca, Italy to Calais, Maine. In Calais, Luigi began the legacy of deep frying extra large Virginia redskins in a blend of vegetable oil and olive oil on a daily basis which admirers to this day call "the best peanuts ever." Thousands of tons have been sold, and his legacy is continued today by his second and third generation offspring.

Peanuts are a great alternative to other snack foods. Peanuts are cholesterol free, high in protein, and contain the compound resveratrol, which has been found to help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Not only are they delicious and enjoyable, an ounce a day could keep the doctor away.
Not enough can be said for freshness. Bernardini's peanuts are shipped the same day they are processed. Customers are receiving FRESHLY COOKED PEANUTS!!!!! They are packaged in poly lined bags and have a shelf life of 14-20 days or 2 months for vacuum sealed bags. Peanuts can be frozen and freezing extends the shelf life for months.

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  1. Back in the 1960's I would walk the International Bridge between St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada and Calais, Maine just to get Bernardini's peanuts. I am assuming it was Luigi who used to cook the peanuts in the window of a corner store on the main street in Calais, close to the current Boston Shoe store location. And I still stop for peanuts any time I am in the area. They are the BEST peanuts you will ever taste and it's very difficult to eat them a few at a time. I will purchase multiple bags and freeze them. They last for months.


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