Thursday, November 19, 2009

Check it out... 

The author of two new books.. They look awesome :)

Bend the Rules Fabric - Find it HERE 
Bend The Rules Sewing - Find it HERE

These books look right up my alley.. I hate rules and I hate patterns.. Well I don't hate them, I just rather not use them. Almost everything I make is free hand. Some things originally come from patterns, however I generally end up putting my own little spin on things. Anyways ... Check out the Angry Chicken blog !

Design it Yourself Clothes - Find it HERE

I am very excited to have found this blog because I have just recently purchased her new book ! This book is awesome because it goes with my not enjoying patterns theme. It is called Design it yourself Clothes. I think I fell in love, again. I haven't had time to actually make any clothing yet.. but I like to flip through the pages and imagine what I could make. Cal Patch is awesome at going through beginner steps to teach you (and me) how to make your own patterns. The possibilities are endless. 

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